Wearable Warns You When A Fight With Your Significant Other Is Imminent

Wearable Warns You When A Fight With Your Significant Other Is Imminent
How many times have you said something you regret to your S.O out of pure anger? What if there was a piece of technology you could wear that would alert you five minutes before you started cursing them out, and even send you a text to warn you they’re not in the best mood? Think how many discussions could de-escalate, and how much interpersonal relationships could benefit form such a device. The University of Southern California already did, and researchers from the USC Viterbi  School of Engineering and the USC Dornsife College of Arts have actually developed the basis for a wearable that does just that.
Before getting started on the tech, the researchers got to work on developing an algorithm by analyzing couples’ data from various sources including wearables, mobile phones, and physiological signals to assess couples’ emotional states. Data collected included body temperature, heart activity, sweat, audio recordings, assessment of language content and vocal intensity. The result was an 86% accurate algorithm in predicting the on-set conflict and moods.
The wearable takes from psychology as it serves as a tool for couples to engage in the strategies learned in couple’s therapy that are all too often thrown out the window the minute conflict rears its head in. Researches said that not only will it make a relationship stronger and perhaps long-lasting, but it will improve the overall health of couples who find themselves in more positive relationships.
So far the device is being used only for research purposes, but authors anticipate that further development could make it useful in other personal relationships such as that of a parent and child.

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